Build Good Things and Do Good Work; the Award Is a Bonus

PR Daily Award: 1st Place in Event Marketing

2016 was a big year: Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar and Motion won a PR Daily Award! If we have a chance to compare ourselves to Leo we are going to do it.

This year’s PR Daily Award for Event Marketing went to Motion (rightfully so!) for our PR team’s work during Habitat for Humanity International’s National Women Build Week and we are feeling pretty amazing about it. It’s not about grandstanding — even though we did eat a few cupcakes and pop bottles of champagne before we tackled the next thing in our queue — what we’re most proud of is the skill of our team and the merit of the undertaking. It’s always nice to be recognized for hard work, and it’s even nicer when your spotlight falls on a great cause.

Rewarding doesn’t begin to describe our partnership with Habitat for Humanity International. It gave us the chance to make a difference in lives across the country by providing homes for the excessive number of women with children who don’t have adequate housing. The results of our combined efforts? Check out these numbers: 17,000 volunteers, and more than 650 homes in 300 communities! Cue the confetti and more champagne…we love champagne. The results don’t end there – Motion, Habitat for Humanity and Lowe’s secured national coverage from Good Morning America, USA Today, The Washington Post, and more. We also want to extend a big thank you to the Lowe’s employees who showed up to teach construction to volunteers for the entire week leading up to Mother’s Day.

Habitat for Humanity National Women Build Week 2016

One last pat on the back: Our PR team participated in National Women Build Week 2016 at the local Habitat for Humanity of Northern Fox Valley. Apparently, we don’t just build great media results, we can also build homes!

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