A Moving Moment

Through my last nearly 13 years as a business owner, I’ve moved my office more times than I ever thought I would. I’ve moved not because I relish the process of packing boxes and doing seating charts, but because the agency was constantly outgrowing its four walls. 2018 has been the most dynamic year yet, as Motion PR joined with Agency MSI to become Motion and now the office space is playing a more unique role, not only in our physical growth, but in connecting our culture and the work of the new agency.

It’s said that a company’s employees inherent the personality of the owner, directly or indirectly. Although this is a weighty thought, I’ve noticed my longest-standing employees really do compliment some of my personality traits. Furthering this philosophy, a physical space is an extension of an individual, or group of individuals, and their spirit. So, when looking for a new space to inhabit, it became clear that I needed a space that mirrors not only who I am, and who Motion is today, but also how we see our future.

While the former office was certainly functional and effective, it didn’t showcase the essence of who Motion is. The new office at 325 N. Lasalle, with its vast array of windows, numerous collaborative spaces, and quirky nooks reflects our values, which makes it a welcoming and inspiring environment. The uniqueness of the space and its versatility represents the diversity and creativity of our team – a strategic collection of talent who come together to create masterful work by opening themselves up to the world and those around them. The eclectic design of our space with its varied offices, wallpaper, carpets, furniture and artwork reflects the range of expertise from design and production to PR and digital.

This new space encourages our employees to have multiple ways to focus, collaborate, create, learn and socialize. Today’s employee, at least in a creative agency setting, isn’t sitting at one desk from 9-5. Employees huddle to work through ideas, sit by a window to write plans, or gather to fine-tune processes. With multiple areas for big and small meetings, the office reflects the true nature of a creative firm’s workday and drives a truly integrated marketing environment.

And just as much as this space reflects who we as Motion are, it equally reflects the type of agency that modern organizations want to work with, and clients we want to help. Due to the complex nature of today’s marketing environment, clients, more than ever, not only want to be blown away by creative thinking, but also want to feel a genuine connection to their agency partners — connecting on their approaches as well as their values. When clients walk through our office, they see not only who Motion is, but how we connect, learn, create and innovate.

I encourage you to visit our new home and share some memorable moments with us as we open our doors to our friends and colleagues this October 4 at 4 PM.

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Kimberly Eberl
The Motion Agency at the Reid Murdoch Building