Brooks Rehabilitation

Getting spinal injury patients back on their feet

the situation

Drive brand awareness, generate buzz and pique consumer and physician interest in Florida-based Brooks Rehabilitation offering the first advanced robotic treatment device for spinal cord patients in the U.S. specifically designed to improve a patient’s own ability to walk.

the acceleration

Showcase via public relations how spinal cord injury patients in the U.S. can access medical HAL at the Brooks Cybernic Treatment Center. A new and innovative facility opened in partnership by Brooks Rehabilitation, the Center offers this post-acute physical rehabilitation system in partnership with Cyberdyne, Inc., a Japanese company that promotes medical and social innovation through technology.

Cyberdyne Robotic Technology

Secured pre and post-launch national coverage via stories in Inside Edition and Engadget, complemented by a satellite media tour with patients using the new technology firsthand. The launch was a success with more than 60 million earned media impressions and 1,783 total social engagements driven by earned placements.

Patients using advanced technology for spinal cord injuries.

Dr. Tonuzi, alongside Derrik and Maverick, conducted back-to-back local and national broadcast interviews from the Brooks Cybernic Treatment Facility on Friday, March 2nd. Dr. Tonuzi, Derrik and Maverick have been featured in 15 broadcast television segments and nine internet interviews across the country with an estimated reach of over 9.8M audience impressions.

From Friday March 2nd to Monday March 12th, our Audio News Release – which included a unique soundbite from Dr. Tonuzi – was pitched to radio stations across the country. We were able to reach over 1M unique cume listeners across our target markets and reached a total of over 3.8M unique cume listeners nationwide via 727 unique airings across 346 stations.

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