Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush

To be your best, see the best.

the ask

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush is a leader in innovative, evidence-based orthopedic treatments. Though consistently ranked best in Illinois, and among the nation’s elite, MOR’s brand recognition lagged behind its influence and prestige in the orthopedic space. The practice needed to reintroduce itself, touting its world-class credentials and quality of care to increase awareness and drive patient preference.

the solution

Motion executed a total brand refresh and a multi-phase brand campaign, complete with a new visual identity, tagline, and landing page. With a sleek, modern aesthetic and a messaging strategy built around MOR’s status as “the best,” the new brand appealed directly to its target audience of active, affluent patients who demand the highest quality care.

The elements of the refreshed brand projected a bold, modern new identity. An updated logo evoking forward movement. An expansive and eye-catching color palette. Dynamic lifestyle photography and animation. All together, these brand elements helped create something authoritative, energetic, even fun—a rare feat for an orthopedic practice.

MOR icons

The bold colors, iconography, and language of the new brand translated seamlessly to social. It was a perfect medium for MOR’s concise and confident messaging, complemented by inspiring visuals and animation. Social also provided a platform to highlight the practice’s affiliations with professional sports teams and other prestigious organizations.