An instinct for insights

the ask

As a data analytics company, Nousot’s biggest barrier is the fear of AI’s complexity. Nousot asked Motion to refresh their brand while highlighting the clarity and approachability they bring to the field of data analytics.

the solution

Motion developed a new brand including logo, tagline, and website to embody Nousot’s expertise and bring clarity amidst lines of complex data.

Nousot Business Cards

Motion leveraged Nousot’s digital-only presence to develop the brand language. The friendly lowercase logotype is juxtaposed by a vibrant, bold color palette unique to the web.

Nousot Website
Nousot presentation slides

The mark is utilized across the brand as a graphic element, adding ambient texture to the web experience.

Nousot t-shirt with logo
Nousot branding backpack and water bottle
Nousot branding notebook

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