Egg farmers of Canada

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For five years, we’ve been filling the content pipeline for the Egg Farmers of Canada. Robust awareness, engagement, and media campaigns showcase the benefits of eggs through online content across social media, EggcentricTV (the app), the online hubs of, and their Get Cracking YouTube brand channel. We ideate, manage, and produce high-volume microcontent shoots, enlist ghost creators, activate influencers, and even visit farms for rich storytelling. Motion’s ability to capture and reuse a varied menu of content across multiple campaigns and platforms ensures a consistent drip of smart, delicious, and entertaining egg content 24/7.

Get Cracking

Big things are cooking...

Great recipes, challenges and inspirations for all your meals

One large shoot yields a library of entertaining content including episodic series, stand-alone vignettes, and content for TruView and bumper ads.

Cracking Kitchen Eggcentric phone

Building the content pipeline for every consumer touchpoint also includes streaming content for EggCentricTV.