How I Got Into the Crazy Business of Marketing

Sometimes in our line of work (good day or bad day), you might ask yourself, how did I even get here? Whether we are shaping brand positioning, concepting digital or traditional broadcast content, nerding out over social media strategy, rethinking UX, running multi-city event marketing campaigns, or refreshing and repositioning a company’s brand identity – it’s always good to remind ourselves how we truly got to this place! (and as a client, it’s good for you to ask us!)

We asked the people in our office for the salient details of their kickoff into the business, and found that while all roads—eventually—led to Motion, the terrain was as unique and remarkable as the talented folks who work here. We’ll let them take it from here…

Leslie Scott


Account Executive

“I’m a creative thinker, and initially, I thought that meant a different career trajectory, even though most of my family works in marketing. However, after graduating with a double major in Journalism and English Lit, and getting hired by a B2B marketing firm because of my writing skills, I discovered that I actually loved the challenge of collaborating with a skilled team on how to creatively deliver the message. The rest is history!”

Emily Towey


Director of PR and Social Marketing

“I sacrificed a road trip right after college for an internship at a major competitor PR firm in Chicago and quickly discovered that my college degree didn’t exactly prepare me for some of the things included in the job description: dressing up as a grape and doing DJ drops across downtown Chicago for a wine client, or booking flights (an actual seat on the plane) for a “spokesdog” on behalf of a dog food client. In my current position at Motion, I’ve yet to be asked to dress like fruit or book travel for pets, but you never know what tomorrow will bring!”

Meredith Hyland


Account Executive

“My path had me take a few detours with unpaid internships, which in this line of work, is a MUST! I first cold applied to dozens of agencies in Chicago. I interviewed with one of the founders of SCC for an intern to hire role in Traffic. When I received the offer letter, I ran to my professor for his advice and he told me to go with my gut (not knowing his friend was the founder), and I’m so glad I did.”

Roy Siebert


VP, Account Supervisor

“In 1976, I started working as a newspaper advertising copywriter for Montgomery Ward in their Chicago corporate offices. At the time this was a coveted position for college grads who wanted to work in advertising since they were one of the largest mail order and department store chains in the country. I spent two and a half years there, cranking out bullet copy for refrigerators, TV’s, plumbing and paint on an electric typewriter from the 60’s that weighed probably thirty pounds.”

Shannon Ross


PR & Social Marketing Account Executive

“Before being about what I knew, my job was about who I knew. From my first internship at Atlantic Records in New York City to my current position at Motion, those opportunities were a result of striking up conversations and getting to know those around me. I think this is super appropriate, because I consider my job, at it’s heart, to be all about meaningful connections—really just talking and listening to people.”