Motion Homecoming 2021: The Great Return 325 N. LaSalle

It’s Homecoming season, and the mix of new faces coupled with a higher frequency of staff in the office makes it feel just like the first week of school again. Because we love a good theme, we ran with it – finding creative ways to come back together, reconnect, reunite, and reinvent our return to the office as we refresh our goals for the rest of 2021.

“Changing work structures and navigating the ‘great resignation’ was something I never thought I’d have to face,” our leader and CEO Kim Eberl noted. “I’m thankful to say that although Motion, like most companies, has experienced turnover, it’s been at a rate well below industry standards. While I am sad to lose talented staff, I know that this pandemic has brought much clarity to many – recognizing and voicing what they value in work, in life, and in their future.” 

As Motion makes strides in returning to the office, the idea of “Homecoming” has remained top of mind – valuing the old times and embracing the new. We’ve thought long and hard on new policies that provide a flexible, safe work environment but also hold dear the processes, client service practices, and award-winning creative that got us to where we are today.

After the tumultuous year and a half we’ve all had, we’re bringing that Homecoming spirit to welcome new staff, showcase the unique culture in the Motion office, and spend more time collaborating as we support each other through the last few months of 2021.

We’re hopeful – like any team returning to the field on Homecoming weekend. When we watch the playback on 2020-2021, we know that Motion persevered and defied the odds through rapid growth and securing the right team to move forward.

We’re stacked – we’re excited and energized by the new, exceptional talent that has joined our agency this season such as Olivia, Maddie, Idalis, Hannah, Stefan, Tim, John, Sam, Beth, and Matt.

We’re conditioned to succeed – Just like a high school football team that bands together to win the Homecoming game, when a company team comes together through hard times, it can make the group stronger and even more triumphant.

We’re motivated – To all the Motion quarterbacks, coaches, squads, marching bands, cheerleaders, supporters and more, thanks for being the steady force keeping the team together and shaping our future. You keep us inspired.

We’re still into themes – check out a few of this week’s highlights as Motion celebrated Homecoming week back at 325 N. LaSalle.