“Packaging 101” for 2019

With packaging constantly having to evolve within an ever-changing retail landscape, new trends begin to play a significant role in helping to shape and determine a manufacturer’s packaging strategy moving forward. With the shift of more products being purchased online, many retailers seem to be asking the same question: “How relevant is product packaging in today’s marketplace?”

Though packaging may have less of an influence on the purchase decision when shopping online, consumers connect with and have a very memorable experience with a delivered product. The correct question would be, “Is my packaging up to par, adding value to the consumer experience?”

What to do?

Consider several of these packaging trends when determining your strategies for 2019.

  1. Interactivity and/or Personalization
    One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your brand’s awareness is being able to view your packaging through the lens of interactivity and/or personalization. Successful brands such as Coke, Snickers and Doritos are not only creating stronger brand loyalty but are also increasing engagement through a somewhat personalized or custom packaging experience that ultimately is more memorable to its audiences.
  2. Sustainability
    Sustainability practices have gained significant importance over the years with many brands. Continued efforts should be made in communicating the importance of the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle). Thorough market research can further help determine what consumers think about sustainability relative to different category groups.
  3. Contemporary Designs
    Probably one of the main reasons a manufacturer believes their brand or package needs a redesign is that their current lineup is not up to snuff with today’s packaging standards. Bold colors, custom or unique fonts and even retro designs are a few examples on how to help capture the attention of a brand and help it stand out among the competitors.
  4. Transparency
    Though being able to see and experience your product through your packaging can and should be considered, being transparent through communication becomes just as important, if not critical, in making sure your consumer understands differentiating product details and claims.

So before you discount or determine marketing budgets be spent elsewhere for 2019, it might be a wise decision to take a look at your current brand and it’s product line-up to make sure it measures up to the litmus of today’s consumer experience.