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Tag: COVID-19

Ten Tips for Successful Media Pitching in Q3 2020

The media landscape isn’t going to magically revert to the world we knew pre-COVID-19. Outlets will be moving forward with…

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Amid ‘Reopening’ Challenges, Communications-Savvy A&E Brands Have Chance to Emerge Stronger Than Ever

As states across the country discuss when and how to safely lift COVID-19 restrictions, arts and entertainment brands are facing…

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Highly Relevant, Low Production: The Right Way to Leverage UGC During the Pandemic

Are you noticing a considerable shift in the marketing content that you’ve seen lately? As many of us have had…

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The COVID-19 Impact on Retail

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is immensely impacting the retail climate. The implications are far reaching – disrupting…

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COVID-19 Social Media Best Practices: How To Approach Organic and Paid Social Content Strategy

Brands, marketers and agency partners have all reset expectations on what success looks like during a pandemic. Every week, we…

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The Importance of An Agency: A New Perspective

Companies need an agency-partner now, more than ever. Typically, even industry powerhouses have small internal marketing departments, some with people…

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Crisis Communications: Keeping it REAL in the COVID-19 Landscape

“Unprecedented.” We’ve probably all seen that word more in the past three weeks than we have in the past three…

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Healthcare professionals and staff: The new armed forces

Doctors and nurses chose a profession to care for patients, treat and prevent illness. Most never imagined that they would…

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