Tuning in: What Kept Motion Employees Moving During the Chase Corporate Challenge?

We all have our thing that keeps us motivated and moving! Here at Motion, we find there’s no better way to bond with and encourage your colleagues than with a brisk 5k to get the adrenaline pumping. Recently, a group of Motion-ers formed a running squad to participate in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, a 3.5-mile race downtown along the sites of Millennium Park and Buckingham Fountain.The real question – What songs kept them on pace, what tips do they have for first-time 5kers, and what motivates them to keep running?

Motion Runners

Colleen Herron | Account Executive

“My tip is to run with friends! It makes it easier and helps the time fly by.”


Sarah VonDerHaar | Associate Art Director


“My motivation for running is the personal challenge of beating your last time. It’s one of my favorite parts of competing in races, and one day I hope to do a half-marathon.”


Gary Pyskacek | Associate Creative Director

“My tip? Don’t work all day before-hand, and don’t pretend you’re in shape!”

TIME: 28:21

Tie your shoes!

Erik Smith | Senior Art Director


“My best tip for running a race? Double knot your laces.”

Natalia Valedon | Account Manager

“Scenery is really great motivation for running – it’s nice to see the city in different ways than you’re used to!”

Run Chicago Run

Colin McGauley | Account Executive


“After you’ve had one of those “I feel like I can conquer the world” workouts, sign up for a race! Once you’ve paid the money for a shirt and bib, you won’t want it to go to waste.”


Kim Eberl | Owner & CEO

“Why do I love to run? I’m a slow runner, and I always have been. But, I’m blessed to have to healthy legs, healthy lungs and a heart that enables me to move. When I run, I think about people who aren’t blessed enough to be able-bodied to do so.”

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Diana Terry | Senior UI Designer


“My advice — commit. If you can’t run on your scheduled days, find another activity that keeps your heart elevated. Also, slower runners stay to the right, faster runners to the left!”


Thea Rooks | VP, Account Director

“My only tip is to keep the pace up even at the finish line, because sometimes, it’s the only thing that helps you out-step a vomiting runner coming straight at your face.”

Diana, Colleen, and Katie