We Stand with the Black Community and with Every Person Who Demands Impactful Change

All Black lives do matter and we know we need to do more, say more, act with purpose, and ensure we are living what we believe.

During an agency-wide townhall led by our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, we openly discussed racial inequality in our communities that disproportionately affects Black members. The result was an agency-wide pledge to keep Respect and Action in Motion.

We Promise to:

Condemn all racism and discrimination and stand with communities seeking inclusion, empathy, and understanding. 

Educate ourselves and each other by sharing informational resources and engaging in important conversations—even the uncomfortable ones. We will leverage agency-wide townhalls to ignite these conversations for action.

Commit to deepening our partnerships with diverse vendors and defining best practices to foster a more diverse workforce.

Keep our foot on the gas and maintain our energy and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality by actively supporting Black, local organizations such as Chicago Urban League and My Block, My Hood, My City.

Live by one of our core values of respect. We believe all people should be treated with respect, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, age, or disability.