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Motion is a multi-disciplined, integrated marketing agency – wall-to-wall with talented technicians, cutting-edge creative thinkers and strategic storytellers.

We all move in concert with one unifying goal:

Create extraordinary moments that move people.

Moments that Matter

Our lives are just a series of moments in time. Sadly, most are forgettable.

But the moments in life that endure in our mind are the ones that surprise, elevate and inspire. The ones that break the script of our everyday.

We believe a strategic and consistent delivery of the extraordinary helps brands blast through the white noise of forgettable communication and become the foundation of long, meaningful relationships.

So, How Do We Do It?

We dig in, learning everything about your business and your customers. We live and breathe the brands we partner with, building relationships with what makes them truly move – people.

Informed by research and driven by strategy, we craft extraordinary moments that keep your brand in perpetual motion.

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Always Give Back

Our mission is to always seek ways to foster and grow the primary ideals of the culture that make our agency unique — and a fun place to work.

We collaborate to identify internal activities, educational opportunities, and community service efforts that align with the values of the agency and help solidify the culture of Motion across the board.

It is important to us to help facilitiate not only team growth but individual growth as well.

Woman-owned. People-led.

Motion has been certified as a woman-owned business by the Woman’s Business Development Center (WBDC). Kimberly Eberl is the Founder and CEO of Motion.

Kimberly was named 2015 “Woman of Influence” by Chicago Business Journal and one of the “Top Woman of PR” by PR News in 2017.

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Experts from ‘A to Z’.

  • Allisan Ellwood - The Motion Agency

    Allisan Ellwood

    Social Media & Content Account Executive

  • Amanda Hernandez

    Amanda Hernandez

    Senior Account Manager

  • Amy Fisher Motion Employee with her dog.

    Amy Fisher

    Senior Account Executive

  • Ashley Bernick - The Motion Agency

    Ashley Bernick

    Editorial Director of Digital Content

  • Bill Barta

    Bill Barta

    PrePress, Image Specialist/ Video Post Production

  • Bonni Pear

    Bonni Pear

    Executive Vice President, PR

  • Brianna Sachs - Motion employee

    Brianna Sachs

    Assistant Account Executive, PR

  • Carie Pflug

    Carie Pflug

    Director of Business Development

  • Carol McCarthy, EVP, Strategy at The Motion Agency

    Carol McCarthy

    EVP, Strategy

  • Caroline Baumgartner

    Caroline Baumgartner

    Group Manager, PR

  • Chris Paccione front-end web developer at AgencyMSI

    Chris Paccione

    Front-end Web Developer

  • Cirbey Derrick

    Cirbey Derrick

    Account Manager

  • Colleen Herron

    Colleen Herron

    Account Manager

  • Damian Chaplin

    Damian Chaplin

    Production Artist

  • Dana Lambert

    Dana Lambert

    Associate Creative Director

  • Derek Serafin

    Derek Serafin

    Group Manager, PR

  • Diana Terry

    Diana Terry

    Senior UI Designer

  • Diane Johns - Designer at The Motion Agency

    Diane Johns

    Senior Designer

  • Ed Malkusak

    Ed Malkusak

    Accts. Receivable Specialist

  • Elisabeth Filmer - The Motion Agency

    Elisabeth Filmer

    Assistant Account Executive

  • Erik Smith

    Erik Smith

    Senior Art Director

  • Erin Baebler

    Erin Baebler

    Senior Account Executive, PR

  • Erin McGraw

    Erin McGraw

    Group Manager

  • Gaelen Bell

    Gaelen Bell

    VP, Social Media & Digital

  • Hilda De La Torre

    Hilda De La Torre

    Production Artist

  • Jack Meehan

    Jack Meehan

    Director, Social Media

  • Jaylen Williams Motion employee standing in front of a Brick wall with a blue jean shirt on and sun glasses

    Jaylen Williams

    Assistant Account Executive

  • Jennifer Kanable

    Jennifer Kanable

    Account Supervisor

  • Jerry Barone

    Jerry Barone

    VP, Group Creative Director

  • Jillian Stevens

    Jillian Stevens

    Account Executive

  • John Masuga


  • John Sciabica

    John Sciabica

    Sr. PrePress, Image Specialist / Video Post Production

  • Julie Kudlacz

    Julie Kudlacz

    Senior Account Executive, PR

  • Katie Lindley

    Katie Lindley

    VP, Client Services

  • Kevin Frank

    Kevin J. Frank

    Director of Production

  • Kevin McCarthy

    Kevin McCarthy

    Marketing Strategy Associate

  • Kimberly Eberl

    Kimberly Eberl

    Founder & CEO

  • Lameis Hodi

    Lameis Hodi

    Account Supervisor

  • Leah Einarsen

    Leah Einarsen

    Senior Art Director

  • Lisa Cholewa

    Lisa Cholewa

    Senior Account Executive, PR

  • Lola Donaldson

    Lola Donaldson

    Executive Assistant

  • Maddie Wojtalewicz

    Maddie Wojtalewicz

    Senior Account Executive, Content

  • Margaret Eich

    Margaret Eich

    Director of Accounting

  • Maureen Brennan

    Maureen Brennan

    Senior Vice President, PR

  • Neely Burks

    Account Supervisor

  • Pete Herrnreiter

    Pete Herrnreiter

    VP, Strategy & Planning

  • Rick Asta

    Rick Asta

    VP, Information Technology

  • Sarah VonderHaar

    Sarah VonDerHaar

    Art Director

  • Sarah Wojcik

    Sarah Wojcik

    Account Executive

  • Scott Eggers

    Scott Eggers

    Senior Project Manager

  • Scott Gunderson, Design Director at The Motion Agency

    Scott Gundersen

    Design Director

  • Shannon Ross

    Shannon Ross

    Group Manager, PR

  • Shirley Paolinelli

    Shirley Paolinelli

    Director of Human Resources

  • Stacy Gelman

    Stacy Gelman

    EVP, Director of Operations

  • Thea Rooks

    Thea Rooks

    VP, Client Services

  • Troy Lindley

    Troy Lindley

    VP, Group Creative Director

  • Wheatley Marshall

    Wheatley Marshall

    Senior Vice President, PR

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