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We work with a diverse roster of healthcare businesses, global leaders, technology innovators and vanguard non-profits to redefine how people think about and experience health. Here are just a few.

Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush
SCL Health
Abbott A Promise for Life
Herman Miller
Southcoast Health
Upstream Rehab
Presence Health
GrayHawk Health
Vidant Health
GE Healthcare
IBM Watson Health
Illinois Medical District
Rosecrance life's waiting

marketing pains? see a specialist.

Health systems, hospitals, clinics and companies in the wellness space are all dealing with new and unique challenges that make running the business of healthcare more difficult than ever. Which in turn is making marketing a real pain in the bu-dget.

From pandemic related workforce shortages to declining appointments and admissions to the rise in less profitable business centers like tele-health, marketing priorities are always changing…which necessitates a more flexible and nimble approach. Yet, while many marketing pains are common, the best treatment plan should be unique to what ails you.

what we do

We have a unique appreciation for the complex relationship people have with their health. Audience insight is fundamental to our ability to unlock behavior change — and ultimately, drive growth for our clients.

In addition to tools such as surveys and focus groups, Motion utilizes ethnographic and innovative research methods to gain unfiltered understanding of issues affecting our client's brands, from a patient's hospital stay to how women utilize technology and social media to select a healthcare provider.

These insights, along with those extracted from large, client-provided data sets inform detailed, KPI-based launches, campaigns and integrated marketing plans.

what we bring

Extensive strategic and creative experience in positioning a healthcare service or technology. We have a proven track record of success working with Fortune 250 clients, mid-size companies and startups.

In a crowded market, selling medical devices, data analytics software and services to health systems and physicians is challenging—typically a long selling cycle. We help our B2B clients find the unique position they can own, create a distinctive brand message and brand identity that will set them apart from competitors.

  • Tell us where it hurts. Tell us where it hurts. 
  • Tell us where it hurts. Tell us where it hurts. 
  • Tell us where it hurts. Tell us where it hurts. 
  • Tell us where it hurts. Tell us where it hurts. 

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Our healthcare leadership

Terry Mertens VP, Group Creative Director

Terry Mertens

VP, Group Creative Director

Erica Harouff

Erica Harouff

VP, Account Director

Scott Gundersen, VP Design Director

Scott Gundersen

VP, Design Director

Our unique team brings a well-rounded perspective, right from the start of every client relationship. Dedicated professionals collaborate with our clients to develop the most informed and creative approach to research, go-to-market strategy and campaigns to drive measurable business results. Few agencies deliver consistently, with every client engagement, the business impact we have.

The Motion Agency Healthcare expertise


Repositioning, brand development for start-ups, merger and acquisition integration, integrated campaigns for lead generation and business growth.

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