American Marketing Association

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the situation

The American Marketing Association (AMA), a professional association and community for marketing professionals, undertook an ambitious rebranding and asked Motion to help bring those ideas to life, beginning with the development of a new member acquisition campaign.

the acceleration

Motion developed visuals, graphic treatments and copy reflective of their new brand: one that is modern, engaging and elevated to attract new members. Tactics were developed to both acquire and engage new members in order to retain them after their initial year.

AMA Landing Page

AMA The American Marketing Association

Emails and web banners clicked through to a custom landing page featuring the new branding, with easy-to-use navigation and streamlined content.

A new member acquisition campaign included a series of emails to their prospect list. When prospects signed up, an ongoing engagement campaign worked to retain members through a series of timed emails, including outreach from local chapters.

The American Marketing Association post cards

The campaign also included mailing efforts that embodied the new, contemporary brand look and feel.