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Helping CPA candidates prepare for exam changes

the situation

Becker Professional Education, a leading provider of CPA Exam Review, asked Motion to help connect them with prospective students during the time leading up to the new CPA Exam, launching in April, 2017.

the acceleration

Motion developed Exam Change Central, a monthly newsletter and web page dedicated to information about the new CPA Exam, helping Becker become the go-to resource for news and insights about the change.

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Aspiring CPAs will spend hundreds of hours studying, which means a changing exam brings a lot of questions and anxiety. Exam Change Central encouraged students to “sit now” before the change, while also reassuring students that Becker materials are up-to-date and ready to prepare them for the more difficult new exam.

Becker Professional Education

Emails were sent to key audiences, including accounting students, academic influencers and accounting firms, each month promoting the newsletter and linking to content on Exam Change Central.


Each month featured a countdown to the new exam along with details surrounding the exam changes to help students understand their options and how the changes may affect them. New video content, study tips, testimonials and infographics were also featured.

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My CPA Path was an interactive tool where students answered questions about themselves to receive possible courses of action that will get them ready for the exam. 25,000 students used this tool in the initial months it was online.

Becker Professional Education