Blue Diamond Almonds

A healthy new recipe for lead-generation.

the situation

Blue Diamond Almonds needed a creative way to help its sales team get in front of prospects and clients — at first to help replace valuable face time lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, and then as a way to build thought leadership and demonstrate their unmatched ability to provide not just great products, but food expertise for formulators the world over.

the acceleration

Motion worked with one of the client’s original ideas – to conduct a “virtual tradeshow” – and transformed it into an ongoing webinar series that would showcase Blue Diamond’s deep knowledge on the many topics formulators care about most, giving prospects and customers alike the chance to engage directly with Blue Diamond’s esteemed industry experts.

The Motion and Blue Diamond teams worked closely to identify topics of interest – specific enough to sustain a half-hour’s worth of video content and discussion, yet broad enough to appeal to food industry experts in a variety of roles.

We needed senior leadership to come across as super polished and engaging, so we also traveled on-site to oversee filming and provide coaching that made everyone look great on camera. The end result was completely worthy of an industry leader like Blue Diamond…and an OSCAR®.

Social media, PR and a CRM program helped promote the webinars and move MQLs to SQLs.

the results

The sales team has since realized an incredible (and growing) number of marketing qualified leads in the top of their funnel. In fact, the webinars have become Blue Diamond’s leading driver for attracting high-value targets to their prospect database.

800+ new
B2B leads

10X new leads
versus initial goal

34% growth
in database (year over year)

#1 driver
high-value targets into client CRM