Gerber Plumbing

Creating Brand Relevance and Preference in a Crowded Market.

The Situation

Although plumbers knew, trusted and used Gerber faucets and fixtures, consumer awareness of the brand was minimal due to products only being available for purchase on third-party ecommerce sites and showrooms. Gerber asked Motion to help raise awareness with Millennial DIYers and differentiate its brand from other premium faucets.

The Acceleration

Leveraging first- and second-party research, Motion identified ownable positioning for the Gerber brand and developed a creative and strategic media campaign to reach our target audience.

Our research showed that:

Humor and empathy increase resonance with the millennial consumer by 94%

Replacing a faucet was perceived as a difficult DIY project

Our target liked to add touches to their home that make it their “own”

Knowing that competitive faucet companies had already staked out entrenched positions such as “high design” and “steadily dependable,” Motion embraced a challenger brand strategy for Gerber. We knew, especially with our target audience, that there was an opportunity to be interruptive and memorable in a market that had been predictable for a long time.

Enter…Paula, the Home Improvement Fairy. Paula spoke directly to the identified needs of our Millennial DIYers in a humorous yet relevant way:

“Let’s face it…there’s no Home Improvement Fairy who comes in and makes everything all better. But there is one thing you can do to add your flair easily and affordably. And that’s giving your kitchen a Gerber faucet.”

Motion utilized media sources that allowed Gerber to intersect with Millennial DIYers at key phases of the buyer’s journey, in media that aligned with their search and buying habits

YouTube – ranked #1 for Millennials looking for DIY home improvement videos

Programmatic display ad placements on popular sites like Houzz targeting those in-market for home improvement products

The campaign also geotargeted zip codes with participating showrooms where Gerber products could be purchased, and offered targets an incentive to visit those locations.

Motion’s analytics team tracked results, testing creative, offers, and media channels to continually optimize the campaign week over week.

The Results

The campaign successfully introduced our Millennial DIYer audience to Gerber, raising awareness and driving sales. And it solidified Gerber’s positioning as a helpful, fun brand that allowed our targets to express themselves in their kitchen design.

23% increase in sales
in the first month

1,500+ conversions
in the first month

8.3 million YouTube impressions
in the first quarter

7.7 million programmatic media impressions
in the first quarter