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Keeping the home organized can be a daunting task, which is why Gladiator seeks to help people at any stage of their organizational journey. Beginning work with Motion in 2016, Gladiator sought to stay top-of-mind as a household organization expert by showcasing their latest product innovations as the solve for any storage dilemma.

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Implementing a mix of earned and paid media, Motion garners consistent results for Gladiator. In addition to securing traditional media placements with top-tier newspapers and magazines, the Motion team keeps Gladiator top-of-mind by incorporating the brand into satellite media tours, influencer activations and content partnerships, including one with an American television personality about their garage storage habits.

Gladiator Products

Motion partnered with social media influencers “The IT Mom” and “The IT Dad” to develop video content featuring an American television personality. Gladiator outfitted their garage with Gladiator product and interviewed them about their organizational habits. Video content was shared by Gladiator, The IT Mom and Dad, as well as on the television personality’s own social channels. Over 817,275 viewers were reached in total from the video series and they finally had a fully functional garage.

Gladiator News Articles

Motion facilitated Gladiator’s first-ever New York City deskside tour to connect business reporters with the brand. Motion coordinated interviews with reporters and Josh Gitlin, General Manager for the Gladiator Division. The tour netted two placements in Wall Street Journal and FOX Business, yielding more than 110 million cumulative impressions.

Gladiator Products

Gladiator is constantly evolving their product line, creating new products to fit the needs of their consumers. Motion has secured a number of top consumer placements featuring new Gladiator product in PopSugar, Digital Trends, and more. Motion secured a PopSugar feature for Gladiator’s Mobile Workstation touting this new product and its versatility of being a home project helper or a rolling party table for neighborhood BBQ’s. Motion also worked to secure a feature in Digital Trends for the launch of their new All Refrigerator and Upright Freezer, two appliances that are ideal for bulk food and beverage storage.

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