Lindner Center of HOPE 

Virtual Vitality: Social Media Boosts Mental Health Outreach

the situation

Lindner Center of HOPE, a distinguished mental health center based in the Greater Cincinnati region, was looking to maintain (and increase) patient volume in two core treatment areas: acute inpatient care and outpatient care/telehealth. The Center engaged Motion to spearhead social media strategies that would drive awareness of its comprehensive capabilities. 

the acceleration

The Motion team developed clinician-focused social media strategies (and implemented them with paid resources) to promote the Center’s credibility, depth and breadth of care, and empathy-based care model.

Tactically, we engaged staff members to create engaging videos, custom infographics, and social media content featuring mental health education, “stigma-busting” tips to encourage professional treatment…

… and staff/patient testimonials to demonstrate the real-life impact of the Center’s care.

the results

Motion’s paid and organic efforts drove nearly 14,000 new users to the Center’s website and resulted in a 56% increase in year-over-year social media engagement from paid campaigns, 2.2+ million annual impressions from social media strategies, a 43% year-over-year increase in Instagram followers, and a 19% year-over-year increase in Facebook followers.

2.2+MM annual impressions

56% increase in brand engagement YOY

43% increase in Instagram followers

14K new website users