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Survey Says: A Data-Driven Triumph in Cancer Education 

the situation

Myriad Genetics is a leader in genetic testing and precision medicine. For 30+ years, they have applied their scientific expertise in bringing actionable genetic insights to millions, helping people take control of their health by enabling providers to better detect, treat, and prevent disease. 
Despite its strong market position, the company has found it challenging to build an understanding of its portfolio of genetic testing products, including MyRisk®, which evaluates 48 genes across 11 different types of hereditary cancer. That’s where we came in.

the acceleration

To build awareness for Myriad’s genetic tests, and the company’s ability to support personalized care plans that can help patients make confident, informed decisions about their medical management, Motion strategically leveraged Myriad’s proprietary Cancer Risk Survey to execute a social awareness campaign.  

The survey provided compelling data points we could promote, such as the fact that 70% of women incorrectly believed that pap smears detect ovarian cancer. We identified and disseminated content featuring such data (including infographics, testimonials, and static and dynamic posts) across social media.  

We also used the survey data to drive a steady drumbeat of media coverage, as well as secured sponsored placements in support of Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness months in September and October respectively.    

the results

Campaign highlights included national media placements with NBC News Daily, MedPage Today, and The Daily Flash, as well as local TV coverage in top markets such as Denver, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas.

Overall, the effort generated more than 190 million media impressions and nearly 5 million additional impressions through sponsored content. 

190MM media impressions

5MM+ sponsored content impressions