A light in kids' health

the situation

About 80 percent of what kids learn is acquired visually. So kids who can’t see well are at a significant disadvantage. PediaVision changes that with a device that simplifies childhood visual screening, helping more kids reach their full potential.

the acceleration

PediaVision’s lightweight, handheld technology is designed to screen toddlers through teenagers. Within seconds, the device determines the presence of a range of vision issues and clearly indicates if follow-up diagnosis is needed. Reliable and accurate, the approach is a far cry from the standard eye chart that is, surprisingly, still used widely today.

From the start, our intention was to boldly distance the product from ho-hum competitors in the category, starting with the name. We went simple and spirited: Spot. The name provided the jumping-off point for an equally unique visual expression, captured in everything from a friendly, compact logo to the ‘spotlighting’ effect in child portraiture we used across the brand.