Presence Health

Today counts

the situation

Created from the merger of two health systems, Presence Health was one of the largest Catholic health systems in Illinois, with more than 150 locations and 22,000 employees. To launch the brand, Motion developed a unique positioning strategy focused on inspiring people toward better health every day.

the acceleration

To express the organization’s brand position focused on everyday health, Motion developed the tagline, “Today counts.” For the new brand identity, Motion devised a solution that was at once contemporary and referential to the organization’s faith-based legacy.

Presence Health logo story interior
Presence Health logo circle
Presence Health logo reversed
Presence Health Logo Architecture
Presence Health Business Card
Presence Health Guidelines
Presence Health Fleetbus

For staff, ‘Today counts’ was an inspiring reminder that every interaction with a patient mattered. To keep this top of mind with the system’s more than 25,000 employees, we developed an internal launch program. Tactics included large-scale graphic installations and a dedicated website.

Presence Health case study hero image. A man is reading a paper with the words Today counts in bold on the back page
Presence Health Outdoor Board
Presence Health Bus King
Presence Health Tabloid Ads
Presence Health Rail Card, a Motion Agency case study
Presence Health Mobile Tips - The Motion Agency case study
Presence Health Homepage - The Motion Agency case study
Presence Health Interior Page - The Motion Agency case study
Presence Health Brand Smart - The Motion Agency case study

Just six months after the brand launch, Presence Health experienced increased growth in aided awareness and website traffic, patient calls and physician appointments.