Putting “awkward” to bed

The situation

Mattress shopping can not only be daunting, but also very awkward. Serta asked Motion for ideas to improve the awkward 1-on-1 salesman dynamic, with the goal of transforming the shopping process to empower the customer and make the experience more enjoyable.

The acceleration

Motion and Serta created a unique store within a store experience that used technology to arm customers with information, helping simplify the process and even make it a little fun!

Serta The Connection Showroom

The Serta Connection showroom created a seamless connection from technology to floor, breaking out the mattress technologies and comfort levels within each area to further help consumers hone in on a mattress selection that best suits their individual needs.

Mattress comfort levels

ComfortPoint technology, a first in real-time pressure point scanning, helps the customer determine their ideal comfort level, narrowing down their mattress selection to a few smart choices.

Serta Technology

ComfortPoint technology also helped to validate the expert guidance the Retail Sales Associate (RSA) was providing. It did not replace the RSA, but instead helped increase their sale closing rate and reduce the amount of mattress returns.

This new engagement strategy helped Serta train associates in a uniform manner, allowing the good to get better and the best to act as mentors with a new high-tech visual aid.

1st Place: In-store Digital Engagement. Presented by Retail Touchpoint at the National Retail Foundation 2017 Big Show. Acknowledged as an outstanding example of High Engagement, Entertainment and Education!