From many to one

the situation

Sparrow, a health system in Lansing, Michigan, was at the front end of an aggressive strategic plan to dominate mid-Michigan. However, after acquiring a number of smaller hospitals, the Sparrow brand had become a portfolio of disparate names, identities, and employee cultures.

Our work together began with extensive ethnographic and secondary research. This helped inform the development of a positioning strategy and new corporate identity for Sparrow to own.

the acceleration

Through numerous brand and service line marketing programs over the next 10 years, Remedy helped Sparrow create a strong, unified brand and culture that drove years of record-setting growth.

The time had come to simplify Sparrow’s self-proclaimed ‘logo soup’ into a new brand identity and architecture. The result is an elegant, yet strong solution that’s easy for employees and consumers to understand and recognize.

To set the tone for a lasting culture change our internal engagement campaign included big-impact ideas like large-scale wall graphics and a dedicated microsite with information about the new brand and tools to help managers introduce it to staff.

The new brand was debuted with a comprehensive consumer campaign and website. Service line efforts followed, focusing on cardiology, Sparrow’s early entrée into the Mayo Clinic Care Network, and stroke awareness.

The work has generated results from across numerous dimensions, from increases in consumer preference and reputation to best-practice recognition by the Healthcare Advisory Board.