The Golden Lamb

From Presidents to TikTok: Strategically Expanding Upon a Delicious Legacy

the situation

The Golden Lamb is one of America’s most iconic inns and restaurants and has the honor of being Ohio’s longest continually operating business. Established in 1803 just northeast of Cincinnati, it has hosted, entertained and provided lodging to many notable guests, including 12 U.S. presidents and legends such as Mark Twain and Charles Dickens. Its iconic legacy has been built upon a long-standing reputation for serving classic dishes prepared with a commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients.  
To maintain the establishment’s continued relevance and success, the Golden Lamb engaged us for a robust digital and creative content strategy that would strengthen loyalty among its current patron base (M/F aged 45-65+), while raising awareness among a younger base of patrons (M/F aged 20-35).

the acceleration

We developed and executed a comprehensive integrated media strategy that included paid and organic social media, email marketing, physical & digital advertising, and event promotion. A robust content strategy ensured we were connecting with key audiences across multiple platforms in celebrating the Golden Lamb’s unique history, delicious dishes, and one-of-a-kind events. 

A long-standing partner, Motion still produces an average of 100 unique social media content pieces each month, including photos, stories, carousels, reels, videos, and gifs.

Our content strategy recently expanded to include TikTok, where we map video content and collaborate directly with Golden Lamb staff to capture dynamic, “in-the-moment” videos that appeal to a newer, younger audience.

Motion also manages the Golden Lamb’s email marketing platform, overseeing patron engagement with nearly 30,000 subscribers.

the results

Our efforts have driven more than 10 million social media impressions for The Golden Lamb, including more than 4 million social impressions in 2023 alone. Most recently, our strategy has resulted in a 475.3% increase in video views on TikTok (where nearly 70% of our audience is aged 34 and under).

10MM social media impressions

4+MM social impressions
in 2023

475% increase
in TikTok views YOY