A Seven Second Connection

The situation

Viega asked Motion to develop a campaign to launch their new line of stainless steel plumbing fittings to a targeted audience of “Maintenance & Repair Operations” (MRO) personnel in selected vertical industrial markets.

The acceleration

Motion’s “MegaPress Stainless” creative strategy contrasted Viega’s technology with traditional welding and threading techniques. The campaign utilized a mix of print advertising, direct-mail, digital and trade show marketing to reach the MRO audience, targeting chemical processing, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Viega Landing Page

A fully-responsive microsite captures the visitor’s attention with dramatic animation presenting the speed and simplicity of MegaPress technology, which greatly reduces the potential for production downtime in industrial applications.

All campaign components are consistent with Viega’s Corporate Brand Guidelines and utilize strong visuals and clear language to communicate customer benefits.

Viega Microsite

The microsite effectively contrasts the speed and safety of Viega’s MegaPress Stainless technology to the drawbacks of traditional welding and threading. A Contact Us form offers MRO personnel a $25 Gift Card as an incentive to schedule a meeting with a Viega representative.

Viega Communication Strategy

During the concepting phase of campaign development, Motion presented Viega with multiple versions of potential copy strategies, organized in four “buckets”, each keyed to a different aspect of the product’s appeal to MRO prospects.

Minimize Downtime
Viega Brochure

To present the major advantages of MegaPress Stainless over other connecting technologies, Motion directed a broad spectrum of dramatic studio and location photography, including a 2-day session at Viega’s manufacturing facility in McPherson, Kansas.

Viega Photoshoot