Whirlpool Corporation

From 0 to 30,000 leads at the speed of Motion.

the situation

Whirlpool Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of major appliances. With no other brand able to claim the number-one position in the builder/contractor channel, their marketing team saw an opportunity to own and define their leadership position…and they came to Motion to help them do it.

the acceleration

Primary research and data analysis revealed the kind of leadership that the channel was looking for, which in turn drove decisions to

  1. build a CRM database from scratch; and
  2. develop an integrated campaign encouraging ambitious tradespeople to add themselves to it.

When signing up, users could self-select their market segment, enabling Whirlpool to serve them more targeted and relevant content designed to help them make better business decisions. Over time, we knew the trust we were building with them would translate to increased sales.

The “Count on Us” campaign included breakthrough ads placed across their target audiences’ most-trusted channels (as identified by research). Ads focused on assuring them that, as a leader, Whirlpool is well-equipped to help them with their most pressing pain points.

Once in the database, handraisers would receive periodic emails (once or twice a month) featuring thought leadership content specific to their jobs. Recipients clearly found them valuable — our average clickthrough rate was 9.76%, compared to the industry average of 1.9%.

the result

The first year of the campaign garnered $2.1 million in additional product sales, directly attributable to our strategic approach and impactful creative. Even after five years, we continue tweaking the program and optimizing our strategy to keep pushing for greater performance and improved ROI.

$2.1 million
in additional product sales

30,000+ MQLs
segmented by audience

68% MQLs
deemed qualified by sales reps

57% increase
in leads year over year

10% average CTR
nearly 5X industry average