‘Enlightening Fast’ brand development

the situation

After merging, independent internet service providers Everywhere Wireless and SilverIP challenged Motion to create a single cohesive brand that would propel them forward as one, while reflecting the best qualities and strong reputations of each respective organization. Motion would develop a benefit-driven name to help them stand out in a crowded category, then build out the brand expression and website. It needed to be something that employees of the newly merged entities could rally around. And they needed it fast.

the acceleration

The result was Zentro, a name evoking the serenity and peace of mind that comes from fast, ultra-reliable internet service. The Motion team produced a tagline, messaging platform, and a vibrant yet approachable visual identity that would help position Zentro as a refreshing alternative to the usual suspects. After just 4 months, the robust new brand was ready for launch into the marketplace.

While maintaining a tech-forward approach, the new logo highlights Zentro’s ultra-connectivity with an abstract “Zed” mark and approachability with the wordmark set in lowercase. The colors are bright and energetic to allude to speed and pop amongst competitors in the space.

Zentro identity business card design
Zentro icon system

The mark becomes a graphic element throughout the brand, whether it be ads, collateral, or merchandise. Custom icons were constructed using a similar logic, featuring rounded corners and negative spaces like the mark itself.

Zentro van wrap design

“ ”

Bringing two companies together under one new name and brand, we anticipated some challenges. But to be honest, it couldn’t have gone much better. Motion immersed themselves in our business and produced fresh, strategically sound creative, despite our aggressive timeline. Their collaborative style ensured that everyone was aligned. Their efforts helped accelerate our success and I’d certainly recommend them to others.

Dave Dobbin

CEO, Zentro

Zentro brand identity designs including billboard, clothing, and accessories
Zentro website

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