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Motion Mapping

Research, Insights, Strategy, Planning

Because it takes more than luck to put you at the right place and time, time and time again.

Brand moments that intrigue, inspire, and influence don’t happen by accident. They’re planned and carefully constructed – one moment purposefully connected to another – with all points culminating in an unforgettable brand experience.

Research, competitive audits and marketplace analysis bring potential possibilities to the surface. We then zero in on the right marketing mix to keep your brand in perpetual motion.

55/Fifty Five Awards


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Motion Creative

Positioning, Naming, Design, Messaging

Because award-winning campaigns are just the start.

It’s about ideas that resonate at the right place, the right time, by the right brand. Strategic creativity is at the heart of everything we produce. This ensures the stories we tell and the experiences we fashion are always memorable and meaningful.

10/Ten Year Client retention

year client retention

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Motion Digital

Analytics, Measurement, UX, Optimization

Because at the end of the day, data points are touch points.

It’s about close connections, not just social networks. It’s intelligent analytics without all of the robots. Our solid experience, expanding knowledge, agile media network, and thoughtful strategy are what keeps a brand continually moving forward.

Sixty/60 Employees


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Motion PR

Media Relations, Social Management, Event Planning, Content Creation

Because relationships matter. Both personal & professional.

And when it comes to ensuring our partners’ stories are told, it comes down to both. We know when to seize the moment for our clients, when to wait for the next wave or when to create a media moment ourselves. Our PR expertise is grounded in finding a connection, a storyline, a headline that enables our brand partners to have repeated, trusted moments across media and the marketplace.

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