Illinois Medical District / Case Study


The Ask

Our collaboration with the Illinois Medical District is equal parts brand launch and urban revitalization. Located on Chicago’s west side, the Illinois Medical District is creating a world-class medical innovation hub in a community long awaiting its time to shine.

The Solution

Our work began with a bold positioning strategy, marketing plan, and identity system for the District, and continued with an integrated launch targeting medical pioneers around the world.

Illinois Medical District

The Brand Summit brought together Chicago aldermen, private sector executives, and healthcare leaders to envision the desired future of the Illinois Medical District. Ideas ran the gamut from ideal companies to community amenities.

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Illinois Medical District

Remedy’s new identity for the IMD is a modernized take on the city of Chicago’s star icon. Rounded corners and transparent points of overlap reflect the collaboration that drives the IMD community.

The flagship website captures the energy and vision of the Illinois Medical District. Interactive maps, partner profiles, and sophisticated animation bring the future state to life.

“Remedy’s Brand Summit convened the IMD, partners, and elected officials to brainstorm the future of the District. The level of inclusion Remedy was able to accomplish was simply incredible. We could not have accomplished our rebranding goals without that level of engagement.”

Dr. Suzet McKinney
CEO/Executive director

Street banners and large-scale graphics run the periphery of the Gateway Project: a commercial development at the heart of the Illinois Medical District’s rebirth. IMD CEO/Executive director, Dr. Suzet McKinney, at the groundbreaking event.