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Reputation is everything.

We build, amplify and sustain reputation by crafting memorable brand moments. Whether through a masterfully calculated media outreach or a perfectly designed event cocktail napkin–everything we say, do, write, post, pitch and publish must answer ‘yes’ to the following questions: Does this reinforce the brand’s image and perception? Will it drive meaningful engagement? And does it align with the brand’s future aspirations?

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Build a community of supporters within all your target audiences, especially media, by developing campaigns that mirror how we want to be perceived, kicking off with a launch moment that springboards the program and builds momentum for the brand.

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Cultivate buzz and coverage throughout the campaign by strategically saturating key audiences with compelling stories and pulse points that reinforce your program’s mission and provide a clear call-to-action.

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Bolster efforts by intelligently adapting the narrative, leveraging timely angles and uncovering new opportunities for a “continuous hum” in the marketplace with messages that resonate, educate and motivate key audiences to take action.


Cohesive marketing services for a seamless brand experience.

Media Relations

We have a long history of turning media contacts into collaborators — and collaborators into trusted, long-time advocates of our clients. We’ve spent years building media relationships across TV, radio, print media, and online platforms, and we have the results to prove it. Whether it’s pitching a national business angle, sharing a B2B idea with trade media or telling a story though a consumer media lens, we know how to pique media interest.

  • Press Material Development
  • Customized Pitch Plans
  • Newswire Distribution
  • Editorial Roundtables
  • Earned Media

Event Marketing

No event is too large or too small. We’ve done it all. From small-scale sampling initiatives, to large-scale guerilla marketing events, we’ll help you define goals and create meaningful moments. Motion can handle everything from planning and logistics, to permitting and security, whether it’s at a trade show booth or in Times Square, we have you covered. Our extensive media relationships combined with our social media know-how will ensure news of your event reaches as many potential customers as possible.

  • Webinars
  • Live Streaming Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Satellite & Radio Media Tours
  • Event Planning & Logistics
  • On-Site Media Moments

Corporate and Crisis

We help clients proactively manage their corporate communication, protect their reputations and prepare for any crisis. From corporate social responsibility to mergers and acquisitions, we strategically support all aspects of corporate communications to ensure stakeholders are up to speed on who your brand is, where you’re heading and how you are bettering the community and world along the way. We also are adept at crisis management, identifying potential issues and working closely with clients to execute effective plans.

  • Spokesperson Training
  • Media Response
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis Counsel
  • Corporate Communications Planning

Thought Leadership

We’re well-versed in securing speaking and content opportunities, both paid and earned, as a means for our clients to be positioned as credible industry experts, i.e. those who cut through the “noise” and offer a POV worth listening to. Touting our clients leadership and adding their voice to relevant industry conversations is a critical aspect of reputation management and helps to ensure the brand stays top of mind among peers and customers alike.

  • Bylined Articles
  • Case Study Development
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Panel Participation
  • Media Interviews
  • Content Creation

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