North American Olive Oil Association / Case Study


The Ask

Representing olive oil brands from around the globe, the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA) celebrates the health and versatility of all types of olive oil, offering everything from recipes and recommendations to a sophisticated quality assurance program. The Motion team was tasked with amplifying awareness of the NAOOA while also educating consumers on making smart olive oil purchasing decisions.

The Solution

Through a multi-pronged approach, Motion and the NAOOA partnered with renowned nutritionist Ellie Krieger who imparted her olive oil expertise to the masses through a satellite media tour, sponsored content, and in-person appearances at NAOOA-branded events and trade show booths.

NAOOA partnerships

As part of our ongoing partnership with Ellie Kriger, we arranged for a satellite media tour to tout the benefits of olive oil and provide viewers with healthy Mother’s Day recipes that prominently feature olive oil as a key ingredient.

The resulting media tour netted more than two-dozen unique placements including broadcast airings around the country, including in Cincinnati, OH, Bakersfield, CA and Chicago, IL as well as featured articles with the likes of and The Hype Magazine, netting out more than 21.5-million cumulative impressions nationwide.

NAOOA articles

Ellie also provided additional content to support and strengthen our campaign. Our team was able to utilize her to serve as a spokesperson and provide soundbites extolling the benefits of olive oil and how to incorporate it in to daily life. Additionally, we were able to secure an opportunity for Ellie to pen a piece for Saveur magazine serving as a means to educate readers on the myths and misconceptions they may have about olive oil.