Motion PR + AgencyMSI
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It’s about touch points,
not just data points.

Two award winning Chicago communication mainstays, Motion PR and AgencyMSI, joined forces in February 2018. The union combines AgencyMSI’s insight-driven creative marketing with the power of Motion PR’s media chops to create an agency that will redefine what it means to be a multi-disciplined, creative communications agency.

Marketing leaders consistently emphasize the need to move from product-centric marketing to people-centric moments.

Our lives are defined by moments. Unfortunately, many of these are forgettable. But the moments that endure are the ones that surprise, elevate and inspire; the ones that break the script of our everyday. We believe a strategic and consistent delivery of “the extraordinary” will be critical for brands to blast through the “white noise” of forgettable communication and become the foundation of long and meaningful relationships.

Motion PR is a public relations and marketing agency that believes that building meaningful relationships are key to moving brands forward in this new media landscape. Founded in Chicago in 2006 by Kim Eberl, Motion PR leverages digital marketing and public relations to help brands develop and launch robust communications strategies for brands in a variety of industries and have prided themselves in deep media expertise.

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Founded in 1961 as Marketing Support Inc. by David Weiner, AgencyMSI is a marketing services agency focused on developing long-lasting client relationships and cutting-edge creative solutions to solve today’s business and marketing challenges. For the last six decades, its family of curious thinkers, problem solvers, strategists, designers, writers and technicians all have been working together towards a common goal: create valuable and memorable experiences that get people to take action.