7 Questions to Guide Your Brand’s Social Roadmap to Recovery 

As consumers and marketers aspire for a new normal, social will undoubtedly be leveraged as some of the first testing grounds for new “re-emergence” messaging and activations. How have you plotted out your brand’s path and rewritten your social strategy? Have you checked all the right boxes?


Have I been listening to the needs of my audiences and have I been learning from it?


Am I staffed and ready to embrace proactive, daily social listening? Do I have an insight and escalation plan to help inform other teams of sentiment shifts and learnings?


Am I offering useful, timely information or clarity that will best support and inform my audience during this time that is not tied to my own brand’s gain/bottom line?


How often should my brand post content?


Is our brand committed to timely and personalized community management responses?


Am I over-evaluating language, imagery and delivery in my posts as we roll into the next phase?


Am I properly scoring social attribution and social success?

Download the full guide to the 7 questions and answers you need to build your roadmap to recovery  across  digital and social touchpoints.  

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