5 Trends You May Have Missed at KBIS 2024

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), North America’s largest trade show dedicated to showcasing the latest in kitchen and bath products, trends and technologies, had record-breaking attendance in its 60th year. The show brought together more than 670 exhibitors—a 40% increase in new exhibitors year over year—plus over 41,500 registered KBIS visitors in Las Vegas February 27 to 29.

To say there was a lot to see at KBIS this year is an understatement, with exhibitors showcasing everything from sleek, smart appliances and colorful vanities to minimalist kitchen faucets and wireless chargers built into countertops.

Among all the showstopping innovation, we’ve got five trends from the show you may have missed:

1. Inspiration from Unexpected Places

Walking from booth to booth, it was refreshing to see how many brands were drawing inspiration from unique places. Smeg, for instance, known for its retro-style appliances, showcased its refrigeration units in the form of luxury cars by partnering with Fiat. Additionally, ranges were seen sporting colors reminiscent of comic book aesthetics, injecting bold hues and personality into the kitchen.

2. Color Everywhere

It’s clear neutral shades aren’t going anywhere when it comes to kitchen and bath design, but KBIS demonstrated a resurgence of vibrant colors in the form of both large and small appliances, bathroom vanities, shelving, cabinets and more. Manufacturers embraced a variety of bold hues, offering endless possibilities to infuse spaces with personality.

3. Connected Homes

Some exhibitors went beyond traditional booth displays, opting instead to showcase products by recreating real-life environments that attendees could easily envision themselves in. By bringing these spaces to life, complete with functioning appliances and thoughtful design elements, manufacturers highlighted not only how seamlessly each product integrates into the home, but also how they could make life at home a little easier.

4. Customization

Long gone are the days of the cookie-cutter home. Today’s consumers are looking for ways to make their home their own—and customization was a recurring theme throughout the show, from tailored appliance configurations to modular cabinetry, highlighting how products are evolving to meet the ever-changing, individual preferences of today’s buyers.

5. Enhanced Home Experiences

Just as exhibitors focused on recreating the true feel of connected homes in their booths, they also explored ways to enhance everyday home experiences. How consumers live in their homes continues to evolve—streaming services are transforming how we watch movies and TV, and many are embracing and bringing hobbies such as gardening, cooking, baking and entertaining into the comfort of their own homes.

This home-centered lifestyle was reflected in many exhibitor booths at KBIS, through indoor herb gardens, spa-like bathroom set-ups and cooking appliances that allow home chefs the ability to make their favorite restaurant-quality meals at home.

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