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Category: Social Media

COVID-19 Social Media Best Practices: How To Approach Organic and Paid Social Content Strategy

Brands, marketers and agency partners have all reset expectations on what success looks like during a pandemic. Every week, we…

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Post Less, Talk More.

Use Social Media to Cultivate Conversations and Build Relationships That Benefit the Community First, Brand Second. We have all witnessed…

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The Importance of Social Listening

In 2015, Netflix made one of its trademark digital splashes – but not for what most would think. The streaming…

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Retail Pivot: Frictionless Commerce in the Haze of the Amazon Effect

You can’t talk about retail without tripping over (or getting hit in the face with) news about Amazon and Jeff Bezos. The New York Times recently covered his pursuit of the $3 trillion retail universe by going back to the very fundamentals of retail. Brick and mortar physical locations. But this is Bezos, so you know there is a twist. Or in this case, a robot.

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How to Sound Super-Duper Smart About Influencer Marketing Strategy

There’s a pretty strong chance you’ve been hearing, reading, seeing and thinking a lot about Influencer Marketing lately.  After all,…

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Millennial Marketing

First rule of millennial marketing: don’t talk about millennial marketing. Or at least stop throwing around the term “millennials” –…

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