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Category: Digital

The COVID-19 Impact on Retail

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is immensely impacting the retail climate. The implications are far reaching – disrupting…

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The Importance of An Agency: A New Perspective

Companies need an agency-partner now, more than ever. Typically, even industry powerhouses have small internal marketing departments, some with people…

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The New Norm: Shifting Consumer Engagement to Digital

As many of us work to adjust to the new norm or working from home and the reliance on digital channels for communication, marketers are considering how to best redirect and reinvest in marketing priorities.

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A Case for Creativity in a Data Addicted World

There is no crystal ball I recently found myself involved in a rather spontaneous (and surprisingly heated) discussion on a…

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“Dear Web Developer…”

Content management systems, e-commerce solutions, and drop and drag editors—where do I begin with web development?

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It’s The Audience, Stupid.

When Bill Clinton ran for the presidency against George W. Bush in 1992, the economy had turned soft: a recession. Clinton’s campaign adopted a rallying cry that they kept on their walls to stay on message — “It’s the economy, stupid.” As we know, Clinton won.

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5 Ways to Hook ‘em: The Best Practices Behind a Good Email Subject Line

Whether you are distributing a mass email to your employees, reaching out to targeted media or trying to connect with…

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