A Sequel Worth Watching: Motion Makes the Inc. 5000 List Back-to-Back

Even in this era of streaming movies, download-able shows, and digital content at our fingertips, I have a few DVD’s and VHS tapes I still just can’t part with. I own the box set to the “Rocky” empire and my go-to film from the series is “Rocky III.” With Mr. T. and Hulk Hogan both making appearances, it’s the type of sequel that outdoes the original. Let’s not forget the masterpiece “Back to the Future II” – arguably one of Robert Zemeckis’ best films, if not the best sequel ever.  

There is nothing better than a great sequel – they are tough to pull off but when done right, they become these must-see stories that you choose to further invest your time and emotions in. You want to see how the characters develop and how they take on new challenges. I pull for that familiar and lovable character to triumph again (i.e., Avengers Endgame), or watch a villain’s story unfold only to reveal they’ve had a good side all along (i.e., Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker). 

When I think about Motion having it’s “great sequel” moment, I lean in hard on knowing we made some major script changes throughout the last 12 months and we persevered due to having the right cast of intelligent, driven, resilient folks here to give us back-to-back, successful fiscal years. And it does taste a bit sweeter this second time around as Motion announces its consecutive naming to Inc. Magazine’s list of 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America.  

Making the list for the second year in a row — during a pandemic — required us to rethink every scene in our business production – both behind-the-scenes and on (Zoom) camera. From how we work together, to our service offerings, to how we communicate, there was nothing typical about the plot twists of 2020-2021. So, we decided to write our own script for how we’d function and thrive as an agency – together. Motion employees were selfless and flexible throughout the entire process, client partnerships became even stronger, and outlooks remained positive. 

All analogies aside, as it states in this article, keeping your business going from year one to year two is not as easy as it seems. Even though Motion is in its 15th year of business, from 2020-2021, several of these tips rang true. Growing your advertising agency while surviving a crisis forces you to unlearn habits, change what you thought was unchangeable, and manage issues you never thought possible. I’m proud to see the tremendous success of our staff recognized after such a tumultuous season. 

Some may call 2020-2021 a horror movie. I call it a drama, and we’re holding out for a happy, feel-good ending. My role in the director’s chair was difficult, but with the energy of our Motionites, clients, family, friends, and partners, we are more than just surviving – we’re thriving this year. You can’t always script business outcomes, but you can script who you’re surrounded by. Our strong foundation is set, and this sequel is far from the end of the series. Grab some popcorn and get comfortable; the Motion empire is just getting started.