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Department: Public Relations

Elisabeth Filmer

AboutEnergetic and driven publicist who consistently leaves it all on the court, with a knack for identifying unique and timely…

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Amy Fisher

About Quick-witted communications specialist with a passion for mining story hooks and crafting compelling content to share with brands’ audiences….

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Brianna Sachs

About Authentic communicator with a passion for cultivating genuine relationships. Social awareness is my recipe for sweet success. My positive…

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Wheatley Marshall

About Marketing communications senior executive with extensive CPG, B2B and Healthcare experience spanning more than two decades, with a particular…

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Julie Kudlacz

About Problem solver and savvy public relations specialist with a knack for executing seamless events that garner media coverage from…

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Erin McGraw

AboutNever one to back down from a challenge, Erin is a strategic communications specialist who embraces clients’ most complicated issues – from changing the media narrative…

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Derek Serafin

AboutMedia relations pro with a journalism background who understands what reporters are looking for and how to convey those stories…

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Bonni Pear

About Standard-setting leader with a track record of success stemming from decades-honed creativity, strategic insight, media savvy, and a database…

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Maureen Brennan

About A crafter of public relations strategy, a media coverage connoisseur and social media enthusiast, she is passionate about digging…

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