Flock Yeah! Motion Makes Waves for the Special Olympics Illinois

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it just may be a duck.  

But if it was melded from yellow rubber, floats down the Chicago River and raises money for the Special Olympics of Illinois, it’s got to be one of the lucky ducks uniting a city in the annual Chicago Ducky Derby.

Anchored in our passion to do better for each other and our city, Motion is showing we give a duck! 

Fowl language aside, we’ve assembled an all-agency team of “WaveMakers” at Motion to help fundraise and float our ducks in the big race on August 10th in support of Special Olympics Illinois and the 2023 Chicago Ducky Derby. 

Look who’s got their ducks in a row already! We’re aiming to make waves with a goal of 200 ducks ($1,000 in donations), and we know once our team gets into formation, anything is possible. Just look at some of the folks already dipping their toe in the water with these generous donations. 

Become part of the flock: Feeling inspired to help? You can sponsor one lone duck for $5, a quack pack of six ducks for $25 or an entire flock of 24 ducks for a smooth $100. All donations are welcome and appreciated, for flock’s sake.

Donate today by visiting our team page here

On behalf of the WaveMakers at Motion and, more importantly, the amazing athletes, families, volunteers and administrators truly making waves every day with the Special Olympics of Illinois, we say thank you! 

See you on the water.