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Coming Home: Chicago-Based Motion Acquires Rick Miller Communications in Cincinnati  

In my tenure of over 17 years at the helm of Motion Agency, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the transformation of a small dining room operation into a thriving Chicago-based marketing agency. Starting off as a busy freelancer working from the comfort of home, I was soon adding staff, securing office space, adding more staff, and navigating my way through several strategic acquisitions…all before weathering the historical challenges of a global pandemic.   

Amidst the ebbs and flows of this incredible journey, one thing has remained unchanged throughout—the deep connection I hold with my hometown of Reading, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.  

Over the past 17 years, I’ve consistently returned to the place where my roots run deep, visiting family, reconnecting with old friends, reminiscing about my school days, and absorbing valuable life lessons along the way. It was during one such visit in 2022 that I had the pleasure of meeting Rick Miller, the owner of Rick Miller Communications (RMC) in Cincinnati.  

As our conversations unfolded, an extraordinary synergy between his agency and mine became evident. Rick’s esteemed legacy in the Cincinnati area is unparalleled, and I was quick to notice how Motion’s core services, talented team, and industry expertise would be a perfect complement to his agency. The proverbial stars aligned, and the opportunity to collaborate became too compelling to resist.  

So, it is with immense pride that I am able to announce a pivotal moment in Motion’s history—the acquisition of Rick Miller Communications, effective January 1, 2024, and the establishment of a Motion presence in Ohio.  

Rick Miller’s impressive client roster includes leading organizations such as Myriad Genetics, Bethesda Inc., bi3, Lindner Center of HOPE and the Golden Lamb. This acquisition opens up exciting opportunities for Motion to partner with these admired brands, as well as other businesses in the greater Cincinnati area. 

As we move forward, bolstered by the additional strength of RMC’s team and clientele, Motion will boast even deeper expertise in a number of key industries, including health and wellness, durable goods, financial services, non-profits, consumer, and retail.   

Our core capabilities in brand strategy and development, creative advertising, content strategy, social media marketing, public relations, and marketing communications are now amplified by a wealth of additional professional competences, including research, digital analytics, corporate communications, and executive counseling. This extended range of integrated services positions Motion to better address our existing clients’ evolving needs with unparalleled service and expertise.  

A former colleague of mine from a previous agency, Mike Gehrig, will be assuming the role of Managing Director at the Motion Cincinnati office. Under his leadership, our offices will be working to seamlessly integrate our efforts with fresh energy and even more marketing firepower. The addition of professionals like Mike and the RMC gives the Motion Agency greater capacity for taking on more – and more challenging – campaigns and projects, while ensuring consistently exceptional results.  

With service locations spanning Cincinnati, Chicago, and Nashville, Motion has effectively established a more robust presence in the Midwest and nationwide. Our regional expansion will enable us to better cater to the changing needs of our growing client base.  

Additionally, I’m proud to highlight that our agency remains WBE-certified; this acquisition will enable us to extend our diverse agency offerings to new companies and clients in new markets.  

My decision to acquire Rick Miller Communications in Cincinnati is the culmination of a 17+ year journey that merges the many successes I’ve had in the greater Chicago area with my affection for my hometown, a relentless drive to make a difference in Cincinnati’s business landscape, and an enduring aspiration to create something extraordinary.  

More than just another strategic business move, this acquisition is a deeply personal one for me, representing both a heartfelt homecoming and the realization of a long-cherished dream.