Social Commotion: Instagram Competes with TikTok on Music Usage, New LinkedIn Premium Company Pages & More

Welcome to the latest edition of Social Commotion, Motion’s roundup of social media news. Check out our top updates from June 2024.

Eyeing TikTok, Instagram Ramps Up Music Features

Instagram is providing another way to leverage trending audio: through carousel posts featuring video clips. Users have been able to add music to image-only carousels for some time but until now could not add an audio track to carousels with a video component.

Beyond another way to personalize your posts, why does it matter?

With an eye to a future in the U.S. without TikTok, Instagram has been keen to provide more ways for users to engage with music in the app TikTok has fast become a key element for music promotion, to the point where TikTok is now considered essential for many music publishers. Some artists have even changing the names of their songs to align with music trends.

If TikTok ends up banned in the U.S., all of that music promotion work will need to shift elsewhere–and Instagram’s looking to position itself as the best alternative for such within the social media sphere.

Instagram also added its “Add Yours Music” sticker back in May, which enables users to respond to a Story with a track, while it is also added music in Notes, song lyrics display in Reels and other music elements as it seeks to offer similar music engagement options as TikTok.

LinkedIn Unveils Premium Company Pages

Businesses looking to boost their presence on LinkedIn will now have access to several new brand-building and lead generation tools through subscription-based Premium Company Pages.

New options for LinkedIn company page admins now include custom call-to-action buttons to help generate leads, the capacity to auto-invite people who engage with your company Page or content, insights into Page visitors, testimonial display, access to AI writing assistant tools for posts and more, according to Social Media Today

 A LinkedIn Premium Business subscription starts at $99 per month. For brands that drive business and generate leads on LinkedIn, the increased exposure paired with new promotional tools may be too attractive an offer to pass up. LinkedIn maintains that premium accounts get 13 times more profile views on average compared to traditional profiles.

U.S. Surgeon General Recommends Treating Social Media Similar to Tobacco 

Social media can be a powerful tool for connecting with friends and family, but it can also be a source of anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. And this became only clearer when U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called for a label on social media sites, warning that “they’re associated with significant mental health harms for adolescents.” 

The Surgeon General has proposed that social media platforms be required to place warning labels on their products similar to the warnings placed on cigarettes.

As advertisers, we understand the delicate balance parents face when managing their children’s social media use, as well as the needs of our clients. Critics argue that a “one-size-fits-all” approach overlooks the nuances of social media platforms, which can be a positive force for many communities. Some experts suggest that breaking up tech monopolies and addressing specific content concerns would be more effective than generic warning labels. 

Raise Your Influencer IQ

Still wondering if adding influencer content to your marketing mix is right for your brand?

Ahead of a recent Marketing Brew influencer event in New York, Christopher Douglas, senior manager at Billion Dollar Boy, a leading global content creator and influencer agency, shared some advice on the growing importance of creator marketing.

Unlike traditional advertising, influencer marketing allows brands to tailor their approach to partnerships based on their desired goals, content types, target audience and budget. But authenticity is key, and Douglas recommends partnering with creators who align with your brand’s voice and target audience to create content with impact.

TikTok and Instagram remain dominant in the creator space due to their large user bases and ability for content to reach users at scale. However, Douglas also highlighted that underutilized platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat and Twitch each offer unique opportunities for brands.

The challenge, Douglas says, is keeping up with trends. Creators are inherently trend-focused, which can be difficult for brands with traditional advertising models that prioritize planning and process over agility.

With that said, brands that embrace a fast-paced social environment often see better results. By harnessing a content creator’s expertise and strong connection with their audience, brands can effectively engage new audiences and foster authentic connections via social media.

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