Social Commotion: Instagram Bio Updates, Pinterest Sustainability Study and The Wienermobile of Love

It’s time for another installment of Social Commotion. Here are the latest social media updates from April 2023.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed on his Instagram that users’ Instagram bios can now include up to five links. “Probably one of the most frequently requested features we’ve had,” he wrote. 

You can add multiple links by editing your profile in the mobile app, where users can title and reorder them. If you’ve added more than one link, visitors to your profile will still have to click through to see all available links. That means that if you have more than one link to display on your Instagram profile, or use a “link in bio” service like Linktree, users will have to click an extra time to see your links.

Given that last note, we don’t expect brands to abandon “link in bio” services. Other features they provide, such as more detailed reporting and design capabilities, Meta still needs to offer.

Meat Your Match: The Wienermobile is the Hottest Wedding Venue in Vegas

Suppose a typical Vegas wedding isn’t extra enough for you. Social media’s favorite Oscar Mayer Wienermobile announced it would give couples the opportunity to elope in style just north of the Las Vegas Strip: The Wienermobile of Love. Oscar Mayer covered all related expenses, including a delicious hot dog-themed dessert.

The social media stunt leaned into a study that shows that 72% of couples stress about planning their big day. Oscar Mayer hoped to alleviate the pressure and provide a “unique and joyful celebration” opportunity.

Fun facts: There are actually six Wienermobiles that are cross-country and each year. The Hot Doggers, or those who drive the Wienermobiles, go through a social media training session called Hot Dogger High, where they learn all they need to know about capturing content while on the road. I was lucky enough to teach the 30th class years ago.

Pinterest Shares Tips for Sustainability Messaging

Many of our clients at Motion often work to incorporate sustainability messaging into their social media strategies. With the growing concern around climate control, and in honor of Earth Month, Pinterest recently conducted a study of 54 campaigns to see how sustainability messaging is most effective and shared tips for improvement.

It found that campaigns with sustainable messaging were 2.4 times more likely to drive action intent versus nonsustainable campaigns. Pinterest recommends that if you’re looking to drive sustainable action, your ads should have a clear visual focus on eco-friendly behavior. Additionally, using statistics to drive home a brand’s sustainability achievements to its products can go a long way.

For brands looking to up their messaging on Pinterest, they have added new sustainability ad targeting options to their campaign setup. Learn more here.