How to Get Big Thinking from a Small(er) Agency

We’ve all heard it from our clients, colleagues, industry networking parties: “We want big picture thinking. We need a holistic approach. We want a partner that delivers 360 at all times.” When you work with smaller, nimble integrated agencies, like Motion, you are more likely going to get what you ask for and here’s why:

Everyone has to be an EXPERT

There are no layers of titles to hide behind at a small firm. You have to know your STUFF, especially at an integrated marketing firm where you are one of a small group of experts who specialize in your discipline.

Integration is Built In-House

Marketing strategy, brand positioning, production, public relations, social marketing, creative, digital and research all sit among each other, constantly chatting, sharing, eating together, brainstorming. Really the only time you get some privacy is when you head to the washroom… and even then, we’ve heard conversations volley back and forth over the stall walls.

Even Specialists Becomes Generalists

It happens, naturally. When you work the way we do in a collaborative, idea-sharing environment (not a cult, I didn’t say cult), everyone starts to “get it” And in a really solid small agency “cross discipline strategists and designers” emerge and begin to help their “specialty departments” see the light (okay, still not a cult).

There is nowhere to HIDE

Really, in an open floor environment, you really can’t hide and you really can’t BS anyone. So those not owning their trade or onboard with team success or knowledge sharing are easily and quickly weeded out.

Your Business Makes Our Business

Really, it’s basic math — smaller agencies live and die by their clients. And because every client counts towards the bottom line in a smaller agency, every client team must work extra hard to retain (and grow) them. Or staff cuts happen. Doors close. People get sad. We don’t want that ever. So, we dig deeper to understand our client’s business, not just their marketing challenge. In order to be a true partner, we need to understand every aspect of your business as well as the product or service we are working to promote. This means deep dives into understanding how you communicate with every distribution channel, every retail experience and prospective partner, every PR win and past fails. We do whatever it takes.