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Moments That Matter to Me: A Letter From Our CEO and Founder

Ambition & Risk-taking

I’ve always considered myself a career woman of these two principles.

I thrive on making business “chess moves” that don’t necessarily follow the rules, because who doesn’t love a challenge? I’ve always thought bigger and bolder. Pursuing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in October 2017 to merge Motion PR with digital and creative firm AgencyMSI to become Motion, is an example of just that. I’m offering you an inside look at the what and why behind this monumental decision for these two budding agencies, and I welcome you to join me on this exciting new journey.

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I was fired once. In fact, I’m proud to say it because there would be no Motion today if it weren’t for tackling the obstacles along the way. It all started on my dining-room table in my apartment (that’s where Motion PR was born). Bootstrapping, hard work, and perseverance have led me here today. I’m ecstatic to share that Motion PR accomplished outstanding media relations and social media work on both regional and national levels for the last 12 years. While we maintained a boutique size, my desire to have a “bigger agency” never faded. My dreams have changed throughout the years, and I’ve been excited at every milestone hit along the journey of this agency… which leads me to the next chapter.

The Wheels of Change

I’ve been familiar with AgencyMSI for years and the great work they’ve executed for national and household brands. I was formally introduced through mutual connections to the owner on October 6, 2017, during which he told me he was turning 85 soon and ready to take a step back from the company. Cue lightbulb.

Not only was the AgencyMSI team approachable, intelligent, wildly creative, and passionate, but they were committed to the company itself and the work they do. At Motion PR, we had always retained a solid team comprised of similar characteristics, so when this opportunity was presented to me to join forces, it seemed like a no-brainer.

To me, the industry needed an agency like ours – one that can consistently execute integrated approaches to solve a multitude of communications needs and dig deeper into client work, which is now the DNA of the new Motion.

Onward and Upward

The only thing changing about Motion is our expansive capabilities as a collaborative creative powerhouse. While transitioning the agencies to become one, we haven’t sacrificed a single thing. Our team has expanded to 60+ team members, packed with
strategists and tacticians across the sectors of PR, digital, social, creative, and production to create extraordinary moments that will move brands ahead. We’re committed to continuing to learn and grow with each other as well as within our industries. We will sharpen our skills to deliver the same stellar client work we’ve been creating since the beginning. Just call us Motion PR/AgencyMSI 2.0.

And, We’ll Never Stop Moving

Right now, we are busier than ever. While maintaining our close relationships with current clients, we’ve been responding to an ever-growing new business prospect list. When the dust settles after this recent unification of these two agencies, I’m looking forward to reinforcing the strength in our office – both internally and with clients – and enhancing our capabilities.

I can’t yet say what the future holds, but rest assured, the wheels of Motion are turning. I look forward to hearing from you and showing you first-hand what Motion is all about.

Kimberly Eberl

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