5 Ways to Hook ‘em: The Best Practices Behind a Good Email Subject Line

Whether you are distributing a mass email to your employees, reaching out to targeted media or trying to connect with a recruiter to score that dream job, the strength of your subject line can determine your success. These 5 fundamental email marketing tips can be applied to any email next time you’re crafting an important subject line.


1. Give It a Hook!

Think about how you can summarize the purpose of your email in just a few “wow” words! Your email open rate depends on it. In fact, Convince & Convert found that a whopping 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone. Sending a resume? Create a subject line that sells you right away. For instance, “Experienced and Innovative Public Relations Professional” or “Creative Designer with 5 Years of Experience.”


2. Short and Sweet

Nothing says “no thanks” like a subject line going from a few words to a long sentence. Per the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, you only have seven seconds to make a brilliant first impression and your subject line is no different! Not to mention ContactMonkey’s discovery that 40% of emails are opened on mobile first – where the average mobile screen can only fit 4-7 words max. It may take a few tries, but try to make your subject line between 30-50 characters tops.


3. Be Direct

Are you sharing an event time or details? Have some urgent questions that you need answered right away? Don’t wait for the body of the email to explain your urgency; let them know right away! For instance, start your subject line with “event details” or “urgent question” so that the purpose of your email is immediately clear.


4. Timing Is Key

Together a perfect subject line and the time you send it make an unstoppable email. You don’t want to send your email late after work hours or too early before the day even begins. These are the times people are less likely to open your email. Think about the purpose as it relates to when you should send it. For instance, are you sending an email about happy hour? Send that thirsty email right around 6:30 p.m. when the workday is winding down.


5. CAP and !!!!!! Don’t Work

Using caps and exclamation points may get the receiver’s attention, but not in a positive way. Crafting your subject with a loud use of special characters and caps will send your email straight to SPAM! In fact, according to a story from Radicati Group, more than 85% of respondents prefer an all-lowercase subject line to one in all-caps.



Working through an email marketing conundrum?

Email us and we can help. Your subject line should read: Looking for the genius content writer for agencyinmotion.com. I know at least one person who will open it!