How to Sound Super-Duper Smart About Influencer Marketing Strategy

There’s a pretty strong chance you’ve been hearing, reading, seeing and thinking a lot about Influencer Marketing lately.  After all, valuable relationships have always been at the heart of the marketing mix. Whether you’re playing catch-up or have your big toe dipped in, Motion is here to help make sure your influencer strategy is sound and effective. When done right, influencer marketing goes beyond pushing product endorsements, and instead creates true brand advocates who are eager to weave your message into their unique story.

It’s all about whom you know.

Influencers range from celebrities, journalists, bloggers, academics and industry experts to everyday folks who share their passion about a certain niche. A solid Influencer Strategy builds mutually beneficial relationships and aligns marketing efforts with like-minded, trusted third-party individuals who hold influence with audiences you want to reach.

A+ Example

The #AdidasAmbassador program has built valuable relationships with a vibrant group of women influencers – each with different body types, levels of athleticism and their own message. From Olympic-level athletes, Soul Cycle Instructors, women who have shared significant weight-loss journeys, even fashion model Karlie Kloss, Adidas has rounded up the ultimate girl gang and created a movement that rises above pushing shoes and athletic-wear. Their influencers are on Adidas billboards, speak at Adidas roundtables and are sent on photoshoots to create authentic, empowering content on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Get rolling with five steps to a solid influencer marketing strategy:

1. Set Clear, Long-Term Objectives & Goals

Crystal-clear research, KPIs and a strong marketing strategy will trickle down into your influencer efforts. Have no question on your key messaging, who your audience is, what social media platforms are important to your brand, or if you are trying to boost sales, drive a link or raise brand awareness.

2. Research & Repeat

Building any relationship worth holding onto takes time and effort. Quality influencer research takes into account what their social footprint looks like, what they stand for, if it aligns with your brand and previous involvement with any competitors. Like media relations, influencer outreach requires the time, know-how and tools to do so.  Not sure where to start? We can help.

3. Connect

Concentrate on establishing trust with potential influencers before going in with the ask. Explain why you are interested in working with them and provide meaningful examples of how your visions align. If you truly value their influence, you will easily be able to negotiate a deal that benefits you both – whether it involves the exchange of money, product or something else of value.

4. Create

This is where the magic happens. Tap into the unique mindset of each influencer and work together to create shareable experiences. The stronger the collaboration, the stronger the content.

5. Measure ROI

This is where we bring it back full-circle. By establishing clear goals upfront, you are prepared to capture social media analytics and have the right tools locked and ready to go.

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