Social Commotion: Social’s Search Engine Takeover, TikTok’s Latest Experiment & More

Welcome to the January 2024 edition of Social Commotion, Motion’s roundup of the latest social media news. Check out our top updates from this month.

Say Hello to Your New Favorite Search Engine: Social Media

If consumers want to learn more about a product or service, they often turn to their trusty friend Google. The problem: Google search results don’t always provide genuine insights.

But do you know where you can find a wealth of guidance from real people? That’s right: social media.

In 2024 and beyond, social media platforms pose the greatest threat to traditional search engines. TikTok has integrated Google search results into its in-app results, and the platform’s Creative Center now includes powerful search capabilities, such as Keyword Insights

So buckle up, Google. The social media takeover of search engines starts now.

TikTok Experiments with 30-Minute Uploads 

In its early days, TikTok’s ultra-short form videos catered to viewers with shrinking attention spans and an insatiable appetite for content. The post limit gradually extended from 60 seconds to three minutes, progressing steadily toward 15-minute uploads. 

Now, TikTok is experimenting with 30-minute uploads in the beta version of the app, testing content equivalent to the duration of a sitcom. 

So, what does this mean for content creators? More potential for monetization. Longer videos open up more opportunities for pre- and mid-roll ads, providing creators with additional revenue streams. This shift is particularly beneficial for creators who traditionally earned the bulk of their income on longer-form platforms like YouTube. 

In marketing, we’re all just trying to stand out in a competitive landscape. As we start the new year, check out some of the top visual trends marketers are considering to break through the noise:

  • Quirky characters: Brands will combine abstract shapes and vibrant colors for new visual identities. 
  • Metallic typography: Experimental and expressive, metallic fonts blend industrial elements to attract attention.
  • Visible grid lines: First popular in website design, visible grid lines appeal to the modern, especially in fashion.
  • Bold and pastel duotone colors: The duotone trend will continue but with a new color palette. Some brands began using these bold and pastel combos in 2023, and marketers expect this pairing to continue into the new year using various color waves.